Save Our Pension

My name is Dana Carter

and I retired from San Bernardino County after 23 years of loyal service in Probation. I am honored to be considered to represent all of us retirees on the pension Board.

I was a single Mom raising my children as a San Bernardino County Probation Officer. I worked hard alongside general and safety members to keep our community safe. I am now a grandmother of 4 wonderful grandchildren. I rely on this pension. I contributed my entire career to it. Now I am very concerned about all the losses and possible mismanagement.

Why are Wall Street people who have never even worked for San Bernardino County being paid millions to make decisions about our pension? They have no idea what San Bernardino County workers have done for this community. They don't rely on the pension they manage, but you and I do.

More retirees have had their pensions cut in the last couple of years than at any other time in this pension's history. I can't have my pension cut. I rely on every dime and I know my fellow retirees do too.

I will work for you with everything I have because that is how I worked for this County for 23 years. I humbly ask for your vote.


In a period of such high prices, retirees need a full COLA.

On December 31, 2021 the pension was worth $14.4 billion. On June 30, 2022 it was worth $13.4 billion. That is 1 billion in losses in 6 months!